Sunday, 29 May 2011

Simply Sassy Sunday

It seems all I do these days is bring you my Sassy cards once a week doesn't it...and although that's fun, I'm working on a new blog where I'll be showing you other things again too, watch this space!

I found this superduper enlarged Magnolia label HERE (for those of you who can't read Dutch, you want the PDF on the right ;o)). It's a free download and just so much fun to use, I hope you'll give it a go!

Doesn't this little darlin' look sad? I reckon she has spent all her pocket money on sweeties and now she has a stomach ache ;o)

Anyway, listen to me waffling on again, here's the materials I used:

Stamps: Simply Sassy stamp "Missing You"; My Favorite Things sentiment
Paper: Bazzill Basics cardstock white; Maja Design "Life in the Country"
Embellishments: Kars pearls; We R Memory Keepers eyelet; string
Tools: My Favorite Things label and star dies; EK Success Retro Flower punches; We R Memory Keepers Crop-A-Dile

That's all from me for today, hope you have a lovely Sunday, see you again soon!



CraftyC said...

A gorgeous tag Erica and beautifully embellished

Anja said...

Heel erg mooi,
Bedankt voor je link.Ga hem zekers snel maken.
Groetjes Anja

Ellen said...

Ik heb hem al bij iemand anders voorbij zien komen, vind het zo'n gaaf label!! Vind de aankleding ook geweldig! Mooi die felle kleurtjes!
Groetjes Ellen

Riet said...

Schitterend gemaakt Erica,leuke stempel,mooi ingekleurd.
Heel mooi papier en details.

Liefs Riet.

Jacqueline (Sjakkie) said...

Je label is super leuk en prachtig Erica, schattige stempel ook!
Groetjs van Jacqueline

Unknown said...

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