Thursday, 15 November 2007

Hi, it's me :D!

Wow, it's been such a long time since I wrote anything on here, I actually feel a bit guilty... But I'm back now, won't ignore you this long ever again, I promise :D. So what's been going on here? Just been busy with work I guess, and I'm ever so tired all the time, plus not much inspiration for cards...all in all, didn't wanna bring you down so that's why I wasn't here (well that's my excuse anyway!)

Yesterday was my 37th birthday (ouch) and I wish you could see my living room, there's cards everywhere and I got loads of (crafty) presents too, took the sting out of turning 37 a little ;o) Anyway, I did manage to make some cards over the last three weeks, I will post them tonight :D, and from now on regular updates again, I promise!!! Also gotta do something about that banner, spring is clearly over...

Have a lovely day!


Charlotte said...

Happy birthday Erica! Can't wait to see the cards you've made! :)

Monique said...

Gefeliciteerd Eer! Ondanks dat je je niet helemaal jarig voelde;))
Ik hoop dat je een superweekend tegemoet gaat!

Janny said...

en ons niet meer zo verwaarlozen hoor;);)
fijn weekend!!

Anonymous said...

Ook hier op je eigen blog gefeliciteerd Eertje, ik zou idd wel een blik in je huiskamer willen werpen met al die kaartjes;)
Jammer dat ook jij op engels over bent gegaan (ben nogal lui aangelegd en sla de engelstalige blogs meestal over:w).
Liefs, Carla

Stampingcaz said...


belated happy birthday