Tuesday, 20 October 2009

More Of The Same...And An Award :D

Sorry I've been MIA, I've been busybusybusy with work stuff, but also found some time to make some long overdue gifts :D. I've used the same paper again, because it was still on my desk and because it's just so darn cute, but I promise I'll put it away now and use something else, so you can finally take off your sunglasses!

This one was made using the packaging of a Papertrey Ink stamp set, and is absolutely stuffed to the brim with Merci chocolates...seemed appropriate, as it's a "thank you" gift ;o)

And these two were made using a Timeless Template by the very talented Lauren Meader. The templates are sold via Papertrey Ink and are only five dollars for the pattern, instructions and a boatload of ideas! You can download the whole file straight away after you pay, and start crafting :D. The bottom one is the original pattern, with two pockets, the top one I altered so it can fit through a letterbox.

Ingredients used:
Magnolia and Sugar Nellie stamps, Papertrey Ink text stamps and ribbon, Hero Arts text stamp, Three Bugs in a Rug paper and text sticker, EK Success Retro Flower Punches, McGill branch punch, Queen & Co. pearls, brads, spacers

Now onto this lovely award I got from Coby, Femke and Janneke, thank you ladies!

It's another "tell all" award, you have to tell ten things about yourself and be completely honest...here goes:

1. Because I don't have a husband and children like most of my friends, I sometimes don't feel as "grown up" as I should, there's still a bit of a kid in me. Then I get to pay my mortgage and some bills and hey presto, all grown up again ;o)

2. When I was little I wanted to be a ballerina (didn't get into ballet college because of my back), a stewardess (not tall enough), a kindergarten teacher (don't know what happened there, that would have been fun! Kids love me, see 1 ;o)) and a hairdresser (my sister put paid to that, one hairdresser in the family was enough she said). Never ever ever did I say I wanted to be a secretary, yet that is what I am...

3. I suffer from foot-in-mouth disease: first I say what's on my mind, then I engage my brain. I'm working on improving that, but it's a hard habit to break after 38 years ;o)

4. I'm very impulsive, also not always a good quality...

5. I have a white streak in my hair, it's been there since my early twenties. My dad has exactly the same streak in exactly the same spot. Guess I'm not the milkman's after all eh ;o)

6. I've been dying my hair since my early twenties... ;o)

7. I wear contact lenses because I'm too vain to wear glasses. I only wear those when I'm home alone and the curtains are drawn!

8. I have an excellent memory for license plate numbers (picked that up when I was little, playing the license plate game while on the road with my dad, who was a truck driver) and telephone numbers, which is useful, but other than that my memory sucks and I'm the queen of the yellow post-its ;o)

9. I am the world's biggest procrastinator, and often have to finish stuff up in a hurry. I work even better under pressure though ;o)

10. I love to go to an online store, throw all sorts of lovely goodies in my basket (really fill it up, not with cheap stuff either!) and after half an hour or so just empty the basket and go to another site. It's a great kind of retail therapy as it doesn't cost anything and it really does help with the blues!

Right, that's enough honesty from me, reading back I see how vain I really am! Must do something about that too...;o) I won't pass this on to anyone as I think most people have the award already (yes, I know, I'm late again...) but if you don't, please feel free to take it and be totally honest, it's very therapeutic!
Have a lovely evening, thank you for stopping by and see you soon!



Marie-claire said...

Wauw, wat mooi!!

Groetjes Marie-claire

Kathy said...

Haha Erica I do the same thing!! I love just throwing everything I love into the basket and then when I see how much it costs I think that is way to much and I feel better!!! LOL
Anyways these are just gorgeous!!! I love the colors that you used on both and love these packages!! So cute!!

CraftyC said...

Stunning work Erica, gorgeous papers used!

Jacqueline's Weblog said...

Wauw, Erica wat een super mooie creaties heb je weer gemaakt. Ik heb echt met bewondering gekeken!
Groetjes van Jacqueline

alina said...

schitterende creaties, Erica!
groetjes, Alina

jannekescreations said...

Super gaaf Eer ;0)

Liefs, Janneke X

Margreet said...

wat een gave creaties heb je gemaakt, Erica...enne...ik ben het papier nog niet zat hoor...je weet het steeds zo mooi te verwerken!
groetjes, Margreet

Hilda said...

Hallo Erica,
Ik heb weer zitten genieten van je super super gave creaties.
Yip, ik had al een kwijlbakkie eronder gedaan.
En euh weet gelijk meer over jou ........... ik voeg er alleen aan toe, dat ze heel lief en spontaan is. En vergeet vooral haar humor niet.............

Liefs Hilda