Thursday, 9 July 2009


Okay, I now actually have TWO jobs! Started a full-time job on Monday this week for the next three weeks, and after that for two days a week while I do the other job three days a week (you still with me? ;o)) So I'm actually employed full-time and when I thought about that...I panicked... Not because I'm work-shy, don't get me wrong, I love being useful again! But because I needed to make some birthday cards and realised I just wouldn't have the time (or the energy) during the week. So I sat down and made these two cards really quickly, and then the panic subsided ;o)

This one is for the Friday Sketchers challenge, not sure if it's a current one but I'll go take a look and enter if it is, I love this sketch :D!

And this one, made with one of the new Gorjuss girls (now available from Funky Kits) is for the Sugar Bowl challenge, another lovely sketch :D!

List of Ingredients:
Penny Black and Sugar Nellie stamps, Papertrey Ink sentiment, Daisy Bucket papers, Stamping Bella baubles, Prima flowers, brads, spacers, buttons, scrapper's floss

I'm off to lay on the sofa and (probably) fall asleep, I'm that tired. Hey, I practically did nothing for four months, a little tiredness is allowed right? ;o) Thank you for stopping by, have a grrrrreat week!



Jolanda said...

Het zijn weer prachtig kaartjes Eer.! Ze zijn werg erg leuk die nieuwe Gorjuss stempeltjes

annemarie said...

ondanks dat het dan "snelle"kaartjes zijn zijn ze erg leuk hoor. Leuke kleurtjes dat roze en blauw met elkaar

groetjes Annemarie

Sharon said...

These are both gorgeous Erica. I love the new gorjuss girls and those Daisy Bucket papers are among my favourites too!

Pauline C said...

2 gorgeous cards Erica - brilliant use of sketches and love the colour scheme.
Ppauline x

Heike said...

Wow, Erica this is so cute and adorable. Wonderful creations with lovely Details.

Love your sweet cats on the sidebar :-))).....


Jacqueline's Weblog said...

Wat een super mooie kaartjes, echt geweldig. Leuke kleuren!
Groetjes van Jacqueline

Lilian said...

Gorgeous cards Erica! Congratulations on your great news! More moolah to spend on crafts? lol! Same set of papers, 2 different sketches and 2 beautiful cards! Great work! Thanks for joining the Sugar Bowl challenge and hope to see you in the next one too! Have a great day!

Kathy said...

Congrats on finding not 1 but 2 jobs!! Rest up while you can!!
Love both the cards you have created!! The colors are fab and I also love this paper!! So pretty! I am really liking your images as well!

Sylvia said...

HOi Erica,

Wouwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww wat een mooie kaarten zie ik voorbij komen. Mijn complimenten!!!!!!


femke said...

heey erica,

dat zijn weer 2 prachtige kaartjes geworden!!! enne wat heb je trouwens mooi papier gebruikt zeg.

groetjes femke

Artyjen said...

Two super cards.....congrats on the two jobs!....I did that for a while and it can be much more tiring than just one!!! LOL

Diana said...

nou ondanks de "panic" super kaartjes Eer !! ennuh werkse de komende periode ;o)


Nicoline said...

Wat een prachtige kaartjes weer!
Ik moet mijn Gorjuss-jes nog EZ-mounten maar dat gaat deze week gebeuren;-)
Ze zijn weer schattig he!


Riet said...

Ohhh Erica,wat een prachtige kaartjes.
Mooie stempels en papier.

Liefs Riet.

daantje said...

i love your cards the paper is beatifull.
greetings daantje

Jol@nd@ said...

Wat zijn het beide leuk kaartjes geworden en wat heb je leuk papier en stempeltjes gebruikt!!
Groetjes Jolanda

craftyb said...

These are both gorgeous Erica...LOVE the colours/papers...congrats on getting your new jobS!! That'll get the craft pennies flowing again!! lol bx

Minx said...

What an absolutly gorjuss couple of cards Erica, and the colours you've used are yummy :O)

Anonymous said...

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