Friday, 6 June 2008

Biggest SWAP ever, an award and a tag :D

I participated in the Biggest SWAP ever, organised by Karin and comprising some 85 stamping addicts from all over the world ;o). I got to send a card to someone in Holland and someone in the USA :D, and I've already received one too, from Wendy :D! Thank you for this fabulous card Wendy, it made my day!

I also received an award this week from Gill, which is just so fab, could be a picture of me :D! Thank you for this award Gill, and for tagging me ;o). Received the same tag from Sandra and Lia, thanks girls!

Okay, here's some things about me you didn't know (and maybe didn't want to ;o)):

I was 27 and preparing to go to Disneyland Paris with my best friend :D! We only went for a loooong weekend, but we spent weeks if not months preparing...that was just as much fun as actually going ;o)

2) 5 Things in todays TO DO list

Seeing as it's evening, I really should have done them all...

- Get up when the alarm goes off...don't turn over, don't hit the snooze button, just GET UP!

- Get myself washed, dressed and out the door in plenty of time for the train. Not with 10 seconds to spare, red-faced and sweaty, no, actually able to stroll down to the station for a change, enjoying the crisp, cool morning air (yeah right, that'll be the day...)

- Work hard (I did actually do this one ;o))

- Do grocery shopping after work...well, that didn't happen either, by the time I got to the station here it was all I could do to drag myself home...I have no condition WHATSOEVER

- Make a start on the housework, so I don't have to do it all tomorrow and can spend my time making cards and laying in the I need to say that this, too, is a distant memory of a promise I made myself this morning? Thought not...

3) Snacks I enjoy
Do you have a few hours? Okay, I'll narrow it down for you: chocolate (in all shapes and sizes, as long as it's milk or white), Japanese nuts and I have a real sweet tooth... That's pretty narrow, right :D!

4) Things I would do if I was a Millionaire
Take my family on a lovely holiday to repay them for always being there for me, buy a new house with a kick-ass craft room and of course buy a CAR :D! I would also donate generously to charities close to my heart and, as I wouldn't be working anymore :-p, I would do volunteer work

5)5 places I have lived

- Rotterdam, Holland (only till I was 2, so don't remember much about it at all ;o))
- Ridderkerk, Holland (we had to move there because of my asthma...not a bad move I'd say ;o))
- West Hanningfield, England (I worked there as a nanny for 2,5 years...if you've ever wanted to go to the middle of nowhere, this is it!)
- Croydon, England (lived there when I worked in London for an events company)
- Sneek, Holland (the most beautiful little town in the WORLD!)

Thank you for this tag girls! I should imagine everyone's been tagged by now, but if you haven't, consider yourself tagged by me :D!

Thanks for stopping by, I'll be back later this weekend with some cards!


Sandra said...

Well, now I know why your English is so fabulous! :)) Leuk om te lezen Eer! Liefs, San

Frumpies world said...

Hi, I'm glad you like the card I send you...And even better if it made you day!!xxxWendy.

Janny said...

prachtig kaartje heb je gekregen en leuk verhaaltje weer!