Wednesday, 5 December 2007

Pink and black and panic...

This is Perky Pinkerton, Pinky's little sister ;o), and she haaaaates pink! Unfortunately she gets all her sister's cast-offs and instead of wearing the really cool new black trainers she now has to wear her sister's pink ones...aaargh! She's even had to change her surname to Pinkerton because it was just easier with school and everything, but she acually wanted to keep the surname Black! She thinks it's all really unfair and swears she will get her revenge someday...maybe she'll dye Pinky's hair orange or something ;o)

I suddenly realised that the Christmas cards can go out this weekend, and I didn't have nearly enough! Which resulted in a panic-Christmas-card-making-session, all with the same paper and everything but using different stamps:

Angel Gabriƫlla makes sure that you can always find your hats and scarf when you really need them, and of course that your hair still looks fabulous after you take your hat off ;o)

Angel Junia tries to give everyone in the whole world a white Christmas, where possible (Australia...not so possible ;o)). She doesn't succeed every year you know how hard a snow dance is? ;o)

Angel Michaela lights up the dark days before Christmas, as well as the ones after that. The best cure for winter depression is the pink light from her lantern ;o)

Angel Paula brings wonderful treats to people who haven't been able to get them themselves, for whatever reason...she doesn't have to stand in line at Tesco's, she just gets them from the Heavenly Bakery ;o)!

And here's another Rakle card, also a fabulous stamp:

Materials used: Rusty Pickle Pirate Princess paper, Magnolia stamps, Prima flowers, Doodlebug brads and rub-ons. For the Rakle card: Rusty Pickle Snowflakes & Mittens paper, Rakle stamp, QK alphabet and Prima glitter flower.


frumpie said...

Great cards, pink and black is a wonderful Wendy.

~*~Sandra~*~ said...

Wauw ze zijn allemaal geweldig :D

Jeanet said...

Jeeetje zeg ik ben ff niet meer langs geweest maar je hebt de turbo aan gedaan zeker , GEWELDIGE kaarten allemaal !!

Janneke said...

Superrr wat een leuke karten :D:D

Nixe07 said...

WOW what beautiful cards :) I like how you designed them. They are wonderful. I will visit your blog again to see your new creations :)

Greetings, Moni